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Business Administration/Operations Management includes a range of activities that make the business operate. Being able to manage these activities efficiently and effectively will contribute to success for your business. 


The following are some essential activities:


·       Strategic Planning: Identifying goals and objectives for your business.  This is not just a one-time event but a continuous effort to stay relevant to the changing environment.


·       Human Resources: Hiring the right people to help carry out the goals and objectives for your business and who are committed to your mission.  Having the right people is important but providing appropriate training is important also.


·       Supplies and materials: Having the right supplies and materials for your staff to complete the tasks and assignments to support the goals and objectives.


·       Establish policies and procedures: Creating policies and procedures to outline processes, define structure and form standardization.


·       Financial management: Creating internal controls to monitor and track revenues and expenses for the business.


We found that lots of business owners don’t enjoy these pieces of the business but they are critical for the success of the business.  E 50 Solutions, LLC will assist you with the various elements of business operations.

Business Administration/Operations Management

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