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If your business has grants or is thinking about applying for grants, here are a few things that you should consider:


       Before You Get the Grant


  •  Do your research to find a funder whose mission and core values are in line with your 


  •  Read all the instructions to complete the application process

  •  Follow directions

  •  Get help to design your best application (We are here to assist you)

  •  Submit the application on time


       Once You Are Awarded the Funds


  •  Be a good steward of the funds you received

  •  Do what you said you were going to do with the funds

  •  If there is a need to change from what was originally approved, communicate with the grantor for approval.

  •  Adhere to regulatory guidelines (federal, state, and grantor)

  •  Adhere to terms and conditions

  •  Complete interim reporting requirements if applicable


       Close Out Process


  •  Complete required closeout documentation

  •  Develop evaluation/performance outcomes


Getting grant funds is a great opportunity for any business.  However, it does require grant management skills to be successful.  Conversely, mismanagement of grant funds can have immediate and long-term negative consequences that include loss of funding, damaged reputation, and even criminal prosecutions. E 50 Solutions, LLC is here to guide your business along the way through the grant life cycle.

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